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FS: lot of girls soft-soled shoes 12-18 & 24 months - GREAT DEAL!

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I have two pairs of Robeez size 12-18 months in good condition. Neither pair is still available on their site. Both were washed in the washing machine and air dried, so they're a little stiff, but (from experience I know that they) will soften up after being worn.

The first is flowerpatch navy - I loved this style so much I always had a pair for my daughter to wear. Her current pair has even had a hole worn in them. (if you know how to fix this, let me know ).

The second pair is a red shoe with a white heart on it (with a cutout so that you can see red in the middle) and white "lacey" trim around the ankle.

Then I have a pair of fuchsia dragonfly StarChild shoes. I'm pretty sure these are size 24 months. These measure 5 3/4 inch across the bottom, from the heel to the big toe. The dragonfly is sparkly on the wings. These could use a wash (nothing big), and if you want me to wash them before mailing them to you, let me know. I just didn't want to make them stiff, too.

I'd like $25 ppd. plus shipping (and insurance if you want it) paid by PayPal. I just want to get them out of the house as we'll be moving soon and I don't want to move them with me.

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Sorry it took me SO LONG to do this! Things have been crazy busy here. I'm also just figuring out how to use shapfish.

Please try this link: and click on the album called Barb's stuff for sale. When photographing the shoes today, I found a hole in the navy robeez, so I would take those out of the pack and throw in the Gymboree shoes (or I could put the navy shoes in as extras for free).

Thanks for looking! And please let me know if the link doesn't work.

I cant get the link to work, it just brings me to MY snapfish page.
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Hmmm, I have to look at it to find a way to share a link to that album. All I could find yesterday was a way to email it. My daughter's surgery is over now and she's fine, so I can think about some other things, and will try to post it later today.

Thanks for letting me know!

Originally Posted by meant2beamom
Hmmm, I have to look at it to find a way to share a link to that album. All I could find yesterday was a way to email it.
You might try emailing the link to yourself then copying the link address from the email you receive.

I'd be interested too.
Good idea!

I just did that - let me know if it worked (I made it a tinyurl because it was huge!).

Try this:

Ah, shoot!

Okay, I'll go check out photobucket.
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I created an account and uploaded pictures. Now how do I share? Trying to figure that out while my 1 yo calls for my attention (and dinner's cooking) is quite difficult!
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Try cutting and pasting the URL of the photobucket page to a post here.
That's what I did with the Snapfish, so I was afraid that wouldn't work with Photobucket.

Here goes:
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I think the link is working now. The dragonflies may be gone.

If you're interested in the other stuff you see there (the boys shoes, the hat) make me an offer.

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