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6.68 oz. bottle of Weleda Calendula Baby Lotion-used like three times-DH doesnt like the smell and I don't like the texture...<br>
paid like 10 bucks for it - will sell for $7<br><br>
Also...Bath and Body Works: My crunchy DH wants to phaze out petroleum based products from our (sigh) i am letting go all of my Bath and Body Works yummies<br><br>
This is what I have:<br>
1) almost full 8 oz. bottle of body lotion "Moonlight Paths" $5<br>
2) almost full 10 oz. bottle of body lotion " Iced Cranberry" $5<br>
3) about half full 10 oz. bottle of Relaxing Bath Bubbles "Sweet Pea"<br>
4) about half full 4 oz. bottle of Botanical Bug Repelling Sunscreen spf 30 "Cool Melon"<br>
5) about half of 7 oz. bottle of Aromatherapy Shower Gel-Watermint and Lemongrass oils w/green tea extract<br>
6) almost full 4 oz. bottle of Body Splash - Sun Ripened Raspberry<br>
7) Half full 8 oz. bottle Freeman Organic Body Mud-Cherimoya and Cactus<br><br>
Gosh, make me an offer if you want all of em!
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