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FS: Matching girls dresse 2T and 5(REDUCED)

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I got this thinking that it may work but yana's not growing fast enough and Mare's growing to fast.I don't think this combo will make it. A size 2T and 5. My pictures are kind of icky email me if you want better. These are really too cute and will make a great addition to any matching wadrobe. I accept all paypal and asking $30 PPD for both. Or if you have some matching clothes in a 18months and 3T or 2t and 4T. I'd love paypal but you can try to tempt me with something else.

size 5

both dresses

reduced to $30 Postage PAid!
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that man was rushing me to do something, sorry.
fixing it now.
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sooo pretty and I am sooo easy, make me an offer?
: you trying to tell me something or just wanted to give it a bump
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okay let's see......

nursing swimsuit or tankini XS
wetbag for mamacloth
keeper, diva, mooncup or like
black nursing bra sz. 34C
moms organizer, planner, etc especially for busy multitasking moms
2pc tank top style pajama sets sz. SM/med

SS solid colored shirts sz. 5-6 boys
sandals sz 12 1/2 (no plastic or foam)
cotton summer jammies sz. 5-6
SS sriped shirts sz. 5-6
sciene kits or anything he can "grow".
swim shoes sz. 12 or 13(don't know if they come in 1/2's)

the girls
cotton jammies, gowns or slips sz. 18 months-4t
swim shoes sz. 4 and 7
good quality sandals(no plastic or foam) sz. 4 and 7
mathcing clothing sizes 18m/3T or 2t, 24m/4T
all things pretty for hair(except large ponytail holders)
2pc dress and leggings sets for sz. 18months-4T
robeez 12-18 months
striped dresses sz. 18 months-4T
ballet clothes sz. 3T
large pull on bibs
mary jane style shoes in colors sz 7-8

toys and kids stuff(birthdays are coming!)~
dora the explorer purple backpack"backpack"
child sized smocks and aprons
sew and sew
magic wands, silk streamers
crowns, tierra's and capes
doll cloth velcro dipaers for 16in doll
child sized wipes for wiping dolls
kite(fabric or parachute material, not plastic)
wooden food
simple toddler puzzles
silk fairy skirt
doll sling
doll clothes for 16in doll easy for little hands(boy and girl)
large playsilks(dyed or blanks)
child's sport water bottles
small boats for water table
sciene kits or anything he can "grow" or put together.
child sized diaper bag tote
toddler sized eating dishes and utensils
child's art and school supplies(prefer washable) all kinds of supplies, crayons, pencils, paper, paints, brushes, glue, crafty stuff, etc
waldorf felting, knitting or sewing kit(beginner's, I want to actually "make" them something for their b'day. I don't care what exactly as long as momma made it for them
wooden dress up doll like this can be in any color we have 2 and she adores them but we got it used and the magentic heads won't stay and she's lost alot of peices

clothbaby AIo's large
firefly sleeptights med-large
bummis pull ons-medium
snap in countors for PWP WIO
RB wool shell sz. 2
FMBG AIo's sz. large
cloth wipes
toddler stacinator
RB FLAG's sz. 2
swim diapers
HH stuffers
hemp liz's cloth sz. 2
wool soaker for nights(morissa is 20lbs or so, yana is 28 or so)
hemp SOS's
VK AIo's toddler
something good for nights
BBH aio's large
lukes GNK med-toddler
nice diaper bag or tote(nothing babyish or cutesy)
water sling or pouch(solarviel would be nice)

household and others~
water sling or pouch
sourbelt candy
hanging shoe organizer
hands free phone
hanging closet organizer
nature's select brand sunflower seeds
tubing for medela doublease breastpump
EO's of all kind
soap, bath and candle making supplies
nature sound machine
dyes for dying playsilks and dipes
unpaper towels(convert me!!)
dyes for dying playsilks and dipes
wire for making bows
elastic bands
barretes(basic kind for making bows)

last samuri
master and commander
the four feathers
gang of roses
full season of angel, charmed, sopranos or Oz
or a GC to blockbuster
can be vhs or dvd's~
dora the explorer
baby einstein's(Not language nursery or bach)
baby einstein
lion king 1 1/2
comfy couch
beyond basic dance(neena and veena bellydance)
books on freezer cooking or once a month cooking
stoneware cooking
clean house, clean planet
sweet pickle books
sink reflections by flylady
preschool workbooks and curriculum
mothering your nursing toddler
dyes for dying playsilks and dipes
wire for making bows
elastic bands
barretes(basic kind for making bows)

Gc's to just about any good eating place, blockbuster, or just about anywhere.
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good deal

trade me trade me make me an offer
declutter my house!
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hmmmmmm, me think I doth protest too much
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