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FS: Maya Wrap MamaBaby Slings, Baby Trekker Carrier, BF Pillow

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It's the beginning of the "no more babies sale!"

I have 2 Maya Wrap MamaBaby Slings in black. A bottle of bleach got knocked off a shelf onto the dryer and left a couple of stains on one of them. The other is normal. The MamaBaby slings work better with two together. I'll send pictures of the bleach stains on the one if anyone is interested. I'll sell the 2 together for $30 plus shipping.

Baby Trekker carrier in blue for $30 plus shipping.

Nurse EZ Plus breastfeeding pillow designed by a mother of twins. Includes back support cushion. In original packaging, was used a couple of times, has been washed. One side of back connecting straps is missing. I didn't find that I needed it though. I will sell it for $20 plus shipping.
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I don't, but I can take some tomorrow. Is there anything in particular that you would like to look at?
I can e-mail a pic in just a little while of the trekker.
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