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*2 Freshies Diapers, medium, front snap, hemp fleece soakers with fabric on top side- one is blue cotton inner with brick red outer, EC 14.00 ppd
the other is spring green velour inner with blue outer - the velour has two spots of fading on the soaker, not very noticeable. 11.00ppd

*2 ME AIO's LG, VGC/EC - some slight markings on outer, 10.00 each ppd

*2 ME AIO's XLG, VGC/EC - 10.00 each ppd

*Hemp Pumkie To Grow , robins egg blue, wash & worn once 13.00 ppd

*Pumkie To Grow , white with rosebuds, new 1300 ppd

*Large Sandy's - 4 including doubler in VGC/EC, 7.00 each, all for 26.00 ppd

* LG Little Lambs front snap, EC - 6.50ppd bright rainbow print
* LG Little Lambs side snap, EC - 6.50ppd kidn of batiky/tiedye look, sunset colors (sorry I don't have pics and she doesn't have these fabrics on her site anymore


* 7th Heaven Babies med shepra diapers, EC, used only a couple of times - 9.00 ppd each
blue with green serging
aqua with pink serging
lime with purple serging

Covers (does not include shipping unless stated)

*Med LTK Soaker, hand dyed by another mama, dark pink upper, soft pink lower 22ppd

*LG Freshies Fit wrap- grape outer/red inner PUL, only tried on - 15.00 ppd

*2 Niji cotton covers, LG (so soft & breathable, yet waterproof) slight pilling on velcro, 10.00 ppd

*2 Nikky cotton covers, LG (so soft & breathable, yet waterproof) slight pilling on velcro, 10.00 ppd

*Small Bumkin vented white EC, 6.00

*Small Prowraps EC, 4.00

*Small Green Earth, strange stitching around the gusset, but
supposedly not a second, 3.00

* Cot'nWrap small, EC, 7.00

* Litewrap small, EC 6.00

*SM Bummis white EC 5.00

*XL Red (not strawberry) Fuzbomb - these just fit my kids funky. I bought it from a different mama, so not sure of the use, but it looks perfect other than it has a spot of slight fading on the front, noticeable only up close. 43.00 ppd
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