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It is the new Pumpkin Stripes on Sand - VERY PRETTY!!!

I got it 2 weeks ago and intended to give it as a present to my SIL who is expecting, but when she told me she is going to use pouches, I decided to keep it. It has been washed once

Fastforward to today: I could not resist the Indio Red Didy FS at the CottonCradles site and bought it. Well... it was a good price, but still lots more than my budget allows, so I can't justify keeping two wraps...

This new style MamaKangaroo wrap is WONDERFUL! It will really hurt me to sell it...

It is very light weight and cool, folds now beautifully and takes little space in the diaper bag. It also has a smart little pocket on the front for you to put change, keys or what have you

The new style MamaKangaroo is WIDER than the older one and it makes it absolutely PERFECT. I had a old style one which I loved, but found too narrow at 12 inches for me to do all the carries. The new Mamakangaroo is 17 inches wide and it is MUCH better!!!

This wrap sells for U$50.00 shipped to the US.

I would like $40.00 shipped to the US
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