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FS Nikky Wraps

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I have for sale:

3-size M polyester Nikky wraps

3-size L polyester Nikky wraps

1-size XL polyester Nikky wrap-SOLD

1-size M Bumkins Diaper Cover

1-size S Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

1-unknown fitted diaper w/ velcro closures

I would prefer to not sell this stuff separately. Take it all for only $15.00 includes shipping. PM me if you have any questions.

See it all here
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Please PM if you would like to buy something seperately!
If you would like to buy something separately please PM me. Thanks!
These are still for sale or trade...what do you have that I may want?!
I'm not really sure. Do you have anything in particular you are looking to get rid of?
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Lots! Prefolds, fitteds, fleece covers, pull on and side snapping covers, pocket diapers...
How much for these seperately, assuming you are willing to break the lot
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