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I need to come to terms that I have just outgrown these, LOL. My belly is the biggest it's been ever and I've gained almost 20lbs this time.

Dh bought me these really cute, trendy Old Navy Maternity items for this pregnancy because I had sold all my maternity stuff after Nathan. They are all in very good condition and have been well cared for.

There's a pair of Medium khaki shorts and a pair of Medium Denim shorts. I also have 3 large t-shirts (blue stripe, blue and pink). The shorts are like new and the shirts are in very good condition (just normal pilling, yk?). I did notice the faintest shadow spot on the pink shirt. I tried to take a picture of it but it won't show up on the camera. You *REALLY* need to look for it but I thought I'd mention it.

I'd like $25 plus shipping (your choice of method).

Here are pics:
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