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FS: Patchwork Pixie, RB, and more

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1. Patchwork Pixie fleece AIO, size M - this is a dark dusty blue outer, with a silver grey inner, snap in hemp soaker. This has been worn maybe 4 times. The inner is slightly pilly from wash (this happened the first time), but it is in perfect condition. I love it, but it just doesn't fit my skinny son. Very soft. $15ppd **SOLD**

2. Righteous Baby hemp snap in contours, size 2: I have 4 of these - 2 are a red doggie print with a dark blue fleece topped second layer, and 2 are a blue leaf print with a light blue fleece topped second layer. All have the boy dream addition added. They have been worn maybe 1/2 dozen times, but there are no stains. They are in EC - slight fleece pilling from wash, and the red doggie print is a tad faded. $6ppd each/$5ppd if you buy more than 1 **ALL SOLD**

3. Righteous Baby hemp prefold - Washed but never worn. Frog prince print. $9ppd

4. 7th Heaven Babies Hemp fitted, size M: Natural color with rainbow serging. Additional hemp doubler included. Front snap. Washed and worn 1x. Perfect condition. $8ppd **SOLD**

5. Blue Fuzzibunz, size L: This is the old style, but has never been worn, only washed. It's too big for my son. I'm selling it cheap just because the front snap part is sewn crooked around the edges - one corner is rounded and the other is more pointed. You can't see it once it's snapped, and it doesn't affect wear or fit at all. $8ppd

Funded paypal only please. Thanks!

Trade: I am looking for trim, front snap, wool wraps, in size M, or a large that can fit a very skinny kid.