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FS: Playsilks, playsilks, playsilks!

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Updated to reduce prices!

Updated to remove sold silks

I'm trying to reorganize my kids' toys ready for moving house, and realize that they have far more playsilks than they can play with! I love making them, even though each of my kids has favorites, and some of these have never been played with. They are all in excellent condition and some are still brand new. (I can't say for sure which are new and which have had the odd time out the basket, but none have had a lot of play, and some have had none.)

They came out the playsilk basket, I've washed them, and they are ready for new homes.

All the silks are 8mm habotai silk. The tie-dyed silks are dyed with fiber-reactive procion dyes, which are brilliantly colored and permanent. The marbled silks are marbled with permanent inks.

1. Tie-dyed 54´x 8" silk. The colors are Bubblegum and Raspberry. It has hints of lilac where the colors meet. $10
2. Tie-dyed 35" square silk. This is dyed with concentric circles in Raspberry and Grape. The colors are really rich and deep. $12
3. Tie-dyed 90" x22" This is a really huge silk and one of my favorites. This one is definitely brand new - I never even put it in the playsilk basket for my kids, as I knew we just had too many! $18

Photos are at Snapfish at:

Shipping will be $2.50, or I can work out prices with anyone buying more than one lot. I take Paypal.

PM me with any questions!
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