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Hey Mamas... I obsessed over these hip carriers so much that my Mom got me a second "for the house"... I really only need the one I have and love - so I'd like to sell the new one. It is Khaki and Black - a great match to any clothes and gender neutral so Mama and/or Papa can both wear it comfortably. It is plus size with an extra 10" to the waist strap - a plus size hip carrier like this was hard to find.

The website I purchased it from is:

Here's a pic from the website that is the exact one I have black/tan hippanda

It was $59 plus shipping, so I'm going to ask $50 shipped.

I am ISO a few things if you'd like to do a partial trade....they are:

Size 4 Girly DD has sensory integration disorder - so she is VERY particular - we're only looking for 100% cotton gowns with a girly/frilly look.

New mama-made or small natural toys for stocking stuffers

Giftcards - let me know what you have to trade!

Pop Toobs

Tea Tree Oil
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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