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Revamping stash-returning to aios-and this is it-i mean it! LOL

I'd like to sell the prefolds as a lot-but the rest can be sold individually. Paypal only please. Shipping of your choice extra.

2 dozen polar babies hemp fleece prefolds-blue serging
**(on one side of each of my prefolds-there are a few tiny holes from pinning and snappi-ing repeatedly in the same corners-does not in any way effect performance of dipes, and you can't see them without searching for them-this is the nature of hemp)
**no stains**

1 dozen polar babies hemp fleece prefolds-purple serging (these are considered 'premium')
**no stains**

1 dozen toddler cpf-no stains-bright green stitching EC

1 dozen polar babies hemp fleece doublers-navy blue fleece on one side-hemp on the other-super absorbant-a couple have light staining-nothing that won't sun out.

1 fuzbomb-seagreen w/dark green snaps (xl)
slightly stained on inner leg gusset-cannot see when on.

1 fuzbomb-lapis w/dark green snaps (xl)
slightly stained on inner leg gusset-cannot see when on.

1 naturalmama wool cover-navy blue-front snaps-huge size variation-very stretchy & trim-super soft-barely used (xl) EC

1 naturalmama wool cover-royal blue-front snaps-huge size variation-thicker wool-great fpr night time diapering-barely used (xl) EC

1 zootkitty wool cover-buff-pull on-barely used. (xl)-for thinner thighs!-fits more like a lg! EC

3 cotton biobottoms-used only on wash day-natural color VGC
$8ea $20all3

"THE COVETED" KANGAROO KORNER WOOL COVER (no longer being made) awesome night time cover-never had a leak-and although i've used it as my main cover for the last year, it still looks as if it's brand new. navy blue w/white serging-side snaps-huge size variation. EC

baby blue snappi-never used

6 cloth wipes gc

black changing pad (trifold)-never used

small-med drawstring wetbag-navy blue EC

No pics available-sorry-my cam battery is charging-might be able to take a few later.
Thanks for looking
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