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Wanna teach your kiddo's some Spanish? I have some posters you can decorate with! Posters will be folded and put in a mailer for the price posted. If you choose a poster tube, which I would have to purchase, you have to add $4.00 to your price for the first poster, nothing additional if you want more than one. NL = not laminated, L = Laminated<br><br><br>
"La Casa" different rooms of the house with items labeled, NL $3.00<br><br>
Months of the year in Spanish, L $4.50<br><br>
How do you feel today? in Spanish, L $4.50<br><br>
Clothing store (clothing items are labeled), NL $3.00<br><br>
Supermarket (fruits and veggies only, no meat), NL $3.00<br><br>
Restaurant (drinks, silverware, meats, deserts, etc) NL $3.00<br><br>
Daily activites, NL $3.00<br><br>
La avenida - buildings (movies, coffee shoppe, etc.), cars, bus, NL $3.00<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Note that all of these posters have been used and hung. Some have small rips that have been repaired and all have tack marks in the corners. A few have been bent in the middle. All are in good condition. Photos upon request.<br><br>
thanks, Christina

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I'd like to see pics... my email address is <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br><br>
I am most interested in La Casa, "how do you feel today?", and daily activities.<br><br>
What size are they?<br>
What are the graphics like? Are they all the same artist? Are they in the same series?<br><br>
Would you be willing to trade? I might have something in Spanish for your family. We might even be able to set up a hand-me-down relationship if you've got Spanish language materials "going on."<br><br>
-- Caitlin
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