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FS: Pouch slings cheap! *REDUCED*

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Price reduced to $10 ppd. $10 for a pouch! You know you want to

These are both basic pouches made for me by a friend. I don't wear them anymore and I'm trying to scrape up cash for a Storch, so out they go! Both are in very good condition.

Pouch #1: Dark khaki-brown (hides practically any stain you can think of!) stretch cotton with a smooth feel. Measures 50.5" around.

Pouch #2: sold!

$15 per sling ppd (in the US). REDUCED to $10 ppd!

To find what size pouch sling you need, I believe the process is to measure from the top of one hipbone up and over your opposite shoulder and back to the same hipbone (like a Miss America sash) then add about 2". Sling #1 fit me, and Sling #2 was slightly too small, as a 5'5", size 14-16, C-cup mama.

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Is the rose essential oil pure rose essential oil? I would swap for that, a bar of sandalwood soap and a hemp lip balm. LMK!
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yes, it is...
sounds good...
is it like a hotsling?
what are the colors?
do u have a pic?
I am Paypal challenged, but need a sling that stops slipping down. Does this ride high? Can you take cc Paypal?
snailmama, I'm PM'ing you

Kanpope, I have a pending on this sling but if you're in the market for one cheap, I suggest you take a lok at the FSOT boards at, and/or join the yahoo! group Good luck!
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