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FS - pump in style, extra parts, and medela harmony manual pump

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This pump has been used a LOT. I exclusivly pumped using it. But, it's still going strong and would be perfect for someone who can't afford one of these babies new. You might want new tubing but I'll include the tubing I used just in case you want it. The directions are gone, but I think there are directions on the medela site. Included is the pump that is built into a bag, two medela bottles with lids, two bottle stands, two of the yellow thingies (not sure what they care called *L*) two new and two use white membranes that go on the yellow thingies, the power adapter, and the hand pump that came with it. (the hand pump is good for when you have a plugged duct and want to pump in a hot shower or to toss in the diaper bag just in case you need it). The ice packs orignally included are long gone since I never used them. And, I still have to original box. Asking $60ppd in the US

I have four used hornes, yellow things, membranes, and bottles and solid lids-- if you pump exclusivly or frequently, extra pump parts are SUCH a huge help and quite expensive new (I think this would cost somewhere around $40 plus shipping new)-- asking $20ppd

All bottles and horns have been boiled in vinegar water for 5-10 minutes. But, all are "scuffed" from washing and have received a lot of use.

SOLD I have harmony manual pump from medela. The has hardly been used at all. I just kept it in the diaper bag for when we were out of the house since I didn't have a car adapter for the electric pump. Works great and is like new .. much easier to use and wash than an Isis IMO- $15ppd SOLD

funded paypal only please.

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what size are the extra horns?? it shoul dsay the cm measurement on the flange part somewhere... or, you could just emasure the smalle rof te two openings...
Are they the horn only, or are the all one peice with the connector,which has the yellow part attached, which holds the white membrane??

I can't find a measurement anywhere on there, but here is a link.. it's this, plus the bottle with a lid.... 4 hornes, 4 yellow valves with membranes, and 4 bottles with lids.. all have been used for a few months.
just another bump.. I really need these to go.

How long was the pump in style used for? or how old is it?
daily for eight months with my first daughter who is now 4, ... so 8 months of use.. then it was stored until four months ago and it was used daily for about 12 weeks


now asking $57 for the PIS and $18 for the extra hornes and bottles
I can't believe nobody wants this pump. I can go as low as $55ppd.
I can't believe nobody wants this pump. I can go as low as $55ppd.
Oh...did you mean $55ppd for the lot/including horns ect.?
The price is for the pump with the parts it came with.. two hornes, two bottles, two hoses, and some extra membranes if I remember right.

If you want the additional bottles and horns I bought, those would be $15 more but it's an excellent deal considering they cost like $40 new.

lemme know


$55ppd for the pump with all the parts it needs to work including horns and bottles

$15ppd for the extra four hornes and bottles
Wow this is a steal! I just sold mine on ebay for $85!!

I can't believe someone hasn't grabbed this up!
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