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I have the following for sale - please pm me if you would like pictures....

SUPER cute wool butt-sweater pants! Cool strips - made by Kendall at Freshies. This is perfect soultion for a nightime cover/pants and is nice and soft. It is a size M/LG - I can take exact measurements if you like - my dd wore them last winter at 10 months and chunky - and can still were them now at 17 months, and slimmed out 27 lbs (just too hot here in NC!) Asking $15 + shipping

3 Lukes Drawers OSW diapers - 1 wizard print (blues), 1 batik print (blues, purples), 1 animal print (purple) all in excellent condition asking $9 each + shipping

1 Lg FMBG pul cover - good condition, the foldover elastic has some fraying because it was attacked by my unfolded over velcro tab in the wash
Only worn and washed 1x - too big for dd. IT is a watercolor print in blues and greens - very cool for boy or girl! Asking $10.

2 XL Dino print Happy Hiney pocket diapers - excellent condition. Normal fleece pilling from wash - no stains. Will include an infant prefold for stuffing. Asking $10 each + shipping.


Lg happy hiney diapers *no obvious boy prints* or other pocket style diapers.

******I prefer non-cc paypal but will accept personal checks*****
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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