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FS: Shiller Math kit1 (Montesori math)

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I have the shiller math kit 1 as delivered to me, minus the flat (1.00) ruler which my daughter broke when we were looking through the package. Most everything is unassembled, in plastic wrap, or in original condition.

it costs 299.95 plus shipping new. I would like 200.00 plus 15.00 for shipping. I'll consider all offers though.

PM me, thanks!
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I would love to know what you didn't like about the program. I have been looking at lots of math curriculums but am not ready to buy yet. PM me if you don't want to post here. My son is a visual learner so I am most interested in Math-U-See, but would love to hear your thoughts on Shiller.
Actually I like the program, we've just decided to enroll her in a school that is primarily waldorf, but uses some Montessori methods (including math) and our home time will not be structured in such a way I would need this program. I thought about holding onto it anyway, because I like it, but we are moving accross the country next week (to TX ironically) and need to only take what we actually use and need.

So, we just aren't homeschooling after all- nothing wrong with the program
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