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FS: SHOES - Soft-soled leather (0-6 mo), canvas sneakers (5), Stride Rite sandals (5)

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I still have just 3 pairs of shoes left - These are great shoes, but sadly, don't fit any more. Prices include shipping. Paypal (any kind) is great, we're moving in 1.5 weeks and I can't do trades right now, sorry.

Pics here:

* Soft-soled leather shoes by Goody, size small (they say small fits 0-6 mos, but I think they fit about 3-9 mos). Very similar in style to the Robeez shoes, but lightly padded on bottoms, and velcro closure for super easy on/off. Very light scuffing on top from crawling, but otherwise great condition. $7 ppd

* Stride Rite sport sandals, pink and purple, rubber soles, velcro strap around heel for easy on/off. Size 5W. $7 ppd

* Super cute (I love these!) blue & green striped canvas sneakers, rubber soles, size 5, clean and in great shape. $7 ppd

* Carters leather sandals, rubber soles. Size 5. I don't think we got to wear these more than once or twice before outgrowing, very good clean condition. $7 ppd *SOLD*

* Osh Kosh leather sandals, rubber soles, size 5M, very cute, great shape. $7 ppd *SOLD*

Please send me a PM if interested. Thanks!!!
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I opened a box this afternoon looking for something else, and found 2 more pairs of sandals that don't fit any more, so just added those.

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Good morning! These are all still available- great shoes!
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Updated... Carter's and OshKosh sandals are now pending...
There are still 3 really great pairs of shoes left.
Stride Rite sandals, canvas sneakers, and soft-soled leather fishy shoes. These are all so cute! Please someone buy them!
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10 days until we move - please someone buy these so I don't have to pack them up.
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Last *BUMP* and then what's leftover is getting packed up in a box.
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Got the sandals yesterday! THanks so much.
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