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FS Size 2 Ecru Paisley Hotsling SOLD

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All three of these were bought new last summer when I was pregnant. Now that DS is big enough to sit comfortably in a hip carry, I find that I just do not like carrying him on my hip! I've priced these low to get them back out into circulation! Only $25 ppd each (this is shipped to US / Canada... let me know if you are somewhere else).

Size 2 Ecru Paisley Stretch Sateen *SOLD, thanks!*
This is a really beautiful neutral fabric. See pictures below. The color is neutral (but not boring!) and the pattern is very classy. This sling is basically new, never worn with a baby in it, just tried on.

Size 3 Ecru Paisley Stretch Sateen *SOLD, thanks!*
Just like the above except size 3. As you see, I loved the fabric so much I bought it in two sizes to try to find the best fit for me. This sling is brand new. I just now took it out of the bag it came in to snap the pictures below.

Here are pictures of the Ecru Paisley pattern:

Size 3 Black Floral Stretch Sateen *SOLD, thanks!*
This is a gorgeous color that always gets compliments. Your newborn will love to stare at the black and white pattern, too. You can see the pattern here:
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