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12 small rounded tab Fuzzi Bunz - (white) I bought these in the summer of 2001 and used these for a few months until we moved into the mediums. These are in wonderful, like new condition. The elastic is in great condition. I hate to get rid of these since I paid so much for them, but we just don't need them anymore, and my kids just keep growing... The rounded tab FB are my personal favorite version, so if you love them like me, or want to try the rounded tab ones, here is your chance. $8ppd each or $90 for the entire lot. ***PENDING***

1 Petite Toddler FB - (pointy tab) This is in excellent, used condition. No stains, looks great. there are 6 snaps on each row. I bought this before the repelling fleece issues and we never had a problem. $8 ppd.

3 Large pointy tab FB - 1 white, 1 red, 1 blue - these are all in excellent used condition, the white one still has really soft fleece (compared to how the fleece feels after it is washed a few times). These have 6 snaps on each row, and were purchased before the repelling fleece problems. We never had any problems with these. $8 ppd. for each

19 medium Joey Bunz - These were our main diaper stuffer for quite a while. They are in good used condition. There is some wear around the outside near the serging. (like how a t-shirt wears out and gets thin). The absorbancy is not affected and they would still work great in pocket diapers. $2 each ppd, or $30 for the entire lot. ***SOLD***

10 Large Joey Bunz - These are in excellent almost new condition. No evidence of wear. $3 ppd or $25 for the entire lot. ***SOLD***

I take paypal - non-cc preferred, but will take cc paypal if requested.

PM me if interested.

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