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I have a few diapers I would like to part with. They're all in good condition, but I've been using mostly disposibles and when I do use cloth, my prefolds will do just fine.

The snugwee is the day2night, size Large- it's my favorite. It is red outer and yellow inner. I bought it from someone from here after it had been used once or twice, if at all. We've used it a couple times, as a nighttime dipe only, so not too much poop has ever happened in this diaper. It comes with an extra liner, also. I'd like $15 ppd.

The happy heinys are also in good condition, size large, the velcro has some fuzzies that I will try to get out before sending out. I have a pink batik print and a teletubbies print (blue background). Would like $9ppd each or both for $15ppd ***SOLD***

The fuzzibunz have only been used a half dozen times each. They were replacements for some with bad snaps, so these snaps are fine. They are the most recent design- white-medium. Would like $9ppd each or both for $15ppd. ***SOLD***

I also have a ton of CPFs with blue trim, washed, but never used (maybe 2 dozen). These are heavy, so shipping would be quite a bit, but if anyone is interested, please let me know. I can take non cc paypal only. Thanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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