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FS stretch hemp terry yardage 55%Hemp 42%Cotton 3%Poly

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I have 3 yards of uncut, still in tube shape stretch hemp FS. I really need some paypal right now, so make me an offer! I paid $10 a yard for it from wild n wooly goods and it is good quality. I have washed and dried it twice to shrink it, but thats it. Comes from a smoke free home. We do have a dog, but he doesn't play in my fabric! :LOL I can cut it into smaller chunks or you can buy the whole darn thing! I would also be willing to trade for yardage of hemp fleece, organic velour, or cashmere wool. (or HPY merino yarn, but don't tell my DH that!)
Please, please someone help me out here. My lack of foresight could be your gain!

*4 yards sold, 3 left!*
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sorry about that, it is terry.
another bump, please make ma an offer!
Is there some cotton in there too?? 97% hemp seems kind of scratchy...let me know...I may be interested in some. Thanks!
oh brother! I am such a dork sometimes! It is 55%Hemp 42%Cotton 3%Poly. Its really really soft. It feels just like the hemp/cotton terry I normally use, but has extra stretch to it.
hmmm, hard for me to say really. The only thing I have ever made with it was diapers. They fit better and for longer with the stretch hemp because it is just so darn stretchy. It wouldn't seem to me that you would really need stretch in a towel, would you? hemp/cotton terry would be way cheaper and work just as well, fwiw.
some traded/sold, 3 yards left!
PM'd you!
I want it if you still have it
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