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I have an absolutely GORGEOUS and NEW Didymos German Baby Carrier for sale

Are you tired of wearing your baby in slings and carriers that make your shoulders and back hurt? Would like to have BOTH hands and arms free to do hoursework but have a high needs baby? Would you wish you could take your toddler with you everywhere without having to bring strollers or getting a back pain from using those awkward back carriers??

Then maybe a baby wrap is is the solution for you.

What is a wrap? A wrap is basically a long piece of fabric (about 5 meters long) that are tied as to create many different possibilities. You can see some possibilities here: There are some pictures of baby wraps being owrn and how-tos here:

Why would I want a Didymos rather than a long piece of fabric from Joanns? Here is why:

*It is made with cotton that is free from poisonous chemicals like insecticides or defoliants. The dyes are not poisonous, free from any heavy metals and completely non-allergic to the skin.
* It has a special diagnoal weave that supports the body of the child all over evenly and has built-in elasticity. It was developed especially to support baby's back properly, to be comfortable for long periods of time, and to be durable. Fabric not woven in such a way will create painful pressure points on your back and not support the baby's back properly.
It also has tapered ends to ensure easy tying. You can even wear a 3 or 4 year old with ease and comfort eliminating the need to purchase other baby carriers, slings or even a stroller.

If you want to read more about Didymos, you can visit their website at

I am selling this Didymos because though I loved the color, I decided to get a blue/green Didymos instead for a change in my sling stash

Here is the info:

*Didy Indio Red Size 6 (4.70 meters which allows for all possible wraps with most people!) Got it Thursday from CottonCradles (it had only been tried on and never even washed)

*I washed it in cold and line-dried Friday - and YES! It has passed the "shrinkage test" with flying colors!

* The Indio is the Didymnos with the lightest, cushiest and most and airy weave! I had it on Thursday at 85 degrees and DS and I DID NOT feel hot!

*The cheapest you can get a Indio Didy size 6 for is $133 (and in most cases you have to add shipping on top of that).

*I am asking only $115 + actual shipping

*You get a like-new Didy with ALL the instructions, papers and original box for $18 dollars less than if you bought it from most online stores. If you don't want the box, shipping will cost less

*Lisa from Cottoncradles also told me that though she does not cover a new generation of owners, she said she would offer the same return policy on used carriers to you this time - I just need to let her know who bought the Didy

*Here are some pics

And here is my feedback. My username is polihaupt in all these sites (you might need to register at Mothering and TBW in order to view my Feedback)

Ebay - (Do a search for the member POLIHAUPT)
DiaperPin -
Mothering -

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Will consider a partial trade for the following ( in Excelent condition please):

*Ellaroo Ysabel size L (might consider other colors)
--Just wondering if I might like the Ellaroo - the colors are so pretty...-

*Hotsling Deluxe Pool Pouch size 5 (new style with Solarveil preferably Navy but will consider Khaki)
-The pouch I got today and was counting on using on my trip was too big, so I need another ASAP--

If you have good seller/trade feedback and have some the above items for trade, we can have a deal :)

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Oh my goodness poli, what is up with us this week?
I have heard amazing things about the Didy and was wondering if I should upgrade from my Moby for my wrap how comfortable a wrap is, but the Moby doesn't feel so good for long stretches (no pun intended, har har), and since I haven't yet found a way to transfer Michael out of the wrap without waking him up I end up wearing it lots longer than I thought I would every time.
Look at you and your beautiful boy! What a gorgeous photo.
I think I have to have it! Ha! No, really!
I couldn't trade for another sling since I don't have any you'd want

Are you at all interested in a trade for my jewelry? I'd love that! I know you had the URL but just in case you lost it...
If not, I'll have to see if I can pull the cash together.

Let me know -- I'm heading out of town on Wed through Sat, so if you don't hear from me that's why.
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