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Hi, I have been mulling over wether or not to get rid of these pants. They are the best pants I have found. I am only selling because I need some money and on days when two kids seem like too much, I decide I am done with pregnancy.<br>
Both are size 14. I am 5 foot 7 and weigh 170 not pregnant and they were my most ideal pant.<br>
One pair is black and one is brown. They are identical except or the color.<br>
They are 97% cotton an 3% spandex so they maintain their shape nicely.<br>
They do not look like maternity pants at all and can be worn with shirts tucked-in or shirts that are waist length. They don't have those stretchy portions in front.<br>
What they do have is an incredible elastic band in back with two buttons on each side that allows for stretching or tightening.<br>
The material is kind of thick like curduroy but with sort of a velour feel.<br>
Both pairs are in ecellent condition. The brown pair lost its button right after I bought it so I sewed a new one on.<br>
They are very stylish pants and I was able to wear them throughout my pregnancy and then afterwards while things were still going back to normal size. I can still wear them now and find them to be extremely comfortable though a tiny bit lose around the waist.<br>
The pants say that they are for wear during the beginning of pregnancy and after birth but I found them to fit all the way up until birth.<br>
I did not get huge like some people but did go up to 201 pounds.<br>
I'd like 17$ per pair + shipping or 30$ for both +shipping<br>
Insurance is optional<br>
I would ship upon receipt of payment by money order or personal check(this would have to clear first).<br>
Pants have been washed only in perume and dye free detergents and dried in the dryer.<br>
PM me if interested.
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