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<b>Book #1</b><br>
"Expectant Motherhood" 4th edition, revised; by Nicholson J Eastman M.D. 1963<br><br>
210 pages Discusses preganancy and childbirth, after care and infant care, and the pros and cons of natural childbirth vs chloroform. Interesting and "funny" read. How far we have come in 40 years! :LOL<br><br><b>Book #2</b><br>
"The Natural Childbirth Primer" by Grantly Dick-Read M.A.,M.D. 1955<br><br>
54 pages. In my opinion this book is way ahead of its time. It discusses relaxation techniques, labor positions, excercises, proper hygiene and husbands.<br><br>
Both books are hard cover and in very good condition with minor shelf wear and yellowing pages from age. There is a name on the inside covers and a few underlined passages.<br><br>
$10ppd. Or Make me an offer!<br><br>
Thanks for looking!
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