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FS: Women's XL Gap, XL Old Navy, XL Maternity, Northcrest and much much more!!

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It's the
"Wow, my hips and breasts will never fit into these clothes again!" and
"Yippee, I'm a sahm and don't have to wear suits anymore!" sale!

I've got Gap, Old Navy, Northcrest (Shopko's brand) and lots of other stuff like jeans and assorted clothing I picked up during high school and college. In the description if I remember where I got it, the store will be in parantheses.

I only accept funded paypal.

Photos and prices are here and here.

For a maternity size reference for you, here's me at 38 weeks.

Make me an offer, I want to get rid of this stuff so it's not mocking me in the closet (plus I'm attempting to be a flybaby, we'll see how that goes). We can negotiate prices and postage depending on what you want and how you want it sent.

You can add insurance for $1.30 and/or delivery confirmation for $.55. Once I drop something off at the post office, I am no longer responsible for it.

Thanks for looking!

eta: I've also got some prom dresses, suits, dresses, t-shirts and some other stuff that I don't have photos online yet. Pm me if you're looking for something else I may have.
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And I lowered prices.
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