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It just arrived 2 hour ago - it is a size 6 NEVER WASHED Red Indio
Didy. It has THE WHOLE package with the original box, instructions,
brochure, etc, etc... perfect for a gift!!

I bought it from the Cotton Cradles sale, and while I could just
return it to Lisa, I will save the return fee is I sell here
will give you the original receipt as well because you might even be
able to enjoy Lisa's amazing return policy - I can find out for you)

The weave pattern on this carrier is absolutely GORGEOUS!! After
hearing all the talk about DIdy feeling too hot for summer, I expected
it to feel like a blanket. So, I was amazed to see how light - yet
strong - it felt. I had a Storch once, but I frankly found the Indio
Didy MUCH SOFTER - even before washing!!

So, why am I selling it?? Well, though I really loved the color,
I did not ADORE it on me. And for this much money - and since I can only
afford 1 Didy - I thought I'd better get a color I really ADORE

I'd like to recoup as much money as possible so I can afford another
Didy before my trip in 2 weeks, so I was thinking of selling it for
$123 + we could share the shipping costs...

--Indio Didys sell for 133 at the cheapest store, but usally cost more
when you calculate shipping!!--
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