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FS: Wooden toys/babylegs

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I am selling my wide cuff BL because I'm not diggin the red marks they are leaving on DS's chubby thighs both have been used in a large rotation of BL but are in very good condition. Argyle*SOLD*and rainbow $7ppd ea

a couple of toys

HABA choo choo, 1st game for toddlers all pieces are attached so they cannot lose them however It is missing the box. Paid $35 asking $15ppd

wooden horse barn and folding fence. I got this from sensational begginings, I believe it was around $40 asking $15 plus actual shipping as it is quite large

wooden dog pull toy, missing the rope so I just tied one on $7ppd

clifford wooden stacking/nesting blocks $6ppd

19 pastel/vintage looking baby blocks, I used these as decoration in the toy room. Very cute $6ppd

pics are here
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I'd like the pull dog toy and the nesting toy if you still have them available.
Do you have the Rainbow BL?? I would love to get them for a friend to try!!

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