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FS: Wooly BumBums, Diaper Babies, Happy Heiny's $reduced prices!$

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Getting rid of some diapering products that baby has outgrown or we don't need.

Wooly BumBums recycled wool pull-on. This is a cover made from a natural colored rib-knit sweater. This style has leg cuffs that come lower than wraps. We used it fairly often as a nap/nighttime cover b/c of it's weight and thickness. EC but may need lanolizing $7/ppd

Diaper Babies Fuzzy Wrap Fleece covers:
1. Fuzzy Wrap Daytime Fleece Cover, size small, color Navy. EC $9/ppd
2. Fuzzy Wrap Daytime Fleece Cover, size small, color Lime. Some pilling, though EC. $9/ppd
3. Fuzzy Wrap Nighttime Fleece Cover, size small, color White. EC. $9/ppd
Or all three for $25/ppd

Happy Heiny's small ghecko print: EC $10/ppd
Happy Heiny's small celestial print: EC $10/ppd

3 Biobottoms velcro PUL wraps, yellow cotton outer, white PUL inner, size B. VGC with minor staining on the gussets $10 all three/ppd.

7 Diaper Babies Bitty Buns diapers. size small. Never worn, only washed for use. cotton fleece color combos.
~pink outer/blue inner
~pink outer/purple inner
~pink outer/lime inner (looks like a piece of candy!!)
~purple outer/pink inner
~2 purple outer/lime inner
~lime outer/pink inner
$9 each or $50 all w/6 free diaperbabies doublers/ppd

3 Kissaluv 0 COLORS! purple outer/natural inner, never worn, washed for use. $9 ea or $25 for all three.

paypal only. email [email protected] if interested.
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