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This has $31.00 and some change on it. It can be used at the theme parks, the disney stores, etc. It is a reward thing from having a disney credit card. I already asked and even though it has my name on it you can still give it away/sell it to someone else.

I would like $28.00 in paypal.. OR..

Dog related toys - for 6.5 yr old ds, who is TOTALLY all about dogs.

Build a bear credit

Shirts/sweatshirts with dogs on them (realistic, not with huge bluging eyes or anything) in a 7/8.

Kid DVD's - especially about dogs. Not cartoony, more for older kids.

Discovery toys marble works (just to add on to our set, so a complete set not necessary)

Hanna slippers, size 3 youth

For DD (3.5)

Wooden eggs, and maybe other food items, just ask.

Girly DVD's, especially the shorter ones or ones that can be stopped after one episode.

Children's music - we have some, would love to try Raffi? Copies ok.

Girly looking DVD player/radio for her room.

Hanna slippers size 25 or 26, girly

Twin bedding, for adult extra bedroom, in sage, lavendar, or dusty rose. Duvet cover fine.

CTMH stamps and scrapbooks

Also NWT boys winter 2T items, for my nephew

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I can trade you burned CD's if you'd like...I just have to figure out how to reset my burner so that they work in the stereo! I have:

-Singable Songs
-The Corner Grocery Store
-Raffi In Concert
-One Light, One Sun

Tony Bennett-The Playground (some standard kids songs done to a jazzy beat-great!)

Carole King-Really Rosie

Bach For Breakfast

Pete Seeger-Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Fishes (little & big)

-One World, One Kid
-Sing Along w/ Putamayo
-Dreamland, World Lullabyes

-Heigh Ho Mozart
-Disneys Greatest Hits

Baby Einstein-Baby Neptune

Sesame Street
-Sing Along Travel Songs
-Platinum All Time Favorites

Solo Para Ninos, Disc 7 (from Mexico)

Cri-Cri (Old Mexican Children's show music)

The Persuasions-On the Good Ship Lollipop

Tom Chapin
-Billy the Squid

Don Cambell's Mozart Effect
-Music for Children: Relax, Daydream & Draw
-Music for Children: Mozart in Motion
-Music for Babies
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