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These are in great shape, very sturdy, lovely color and have velcro fasteners.<br><br>
or trade for something closer to their value. (I think they were about $40 when we bought them last year)<br>
He had two pairs so these saw very little wear. Now, the other pair, that is a different story... LOL<br><br>
The treads underneath the boot have construction diggers etc. on them.<br>
very cute<br><br>
I'm iso of gn/boyish shorties or longies (my son is 3 months old but wears about 12 months size, he is 14 lbs) we're really looking for something he can wear now, but if they're really cute I'm sure we could be talked into trading for some that are too big for him.<br><br>
Also in search of great condition organic tops 12 months or bigger,<br>
stainless steel sippy cup or sports bottle etc<br><br>
diapers side aplix Medium<br><br>
wooden toys etc.<br><br>
try us.<br>
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