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I bought these as part of a co-op from here:

I have two left, both Rodruta colorway size 4.5 meters. They're nice, as cool as Ellaroo but more supportive. Oh, and they DO have fringe.

I paid $80+ for each of them, hoping I could find buyers IRL once they arrived. That hasn't happened
and now I'd just like to find them new homes (though it would still be nice to recoup my costs).

So, $85 ppd for each, or I'm open to trading for other wraps.

My ISO list:
Storch Leo Turq 4.1m
Bebina Zodiac Capricorn 4.2m
Didy size 4 or smaller
Hoppediz short
BB-Slen, try me
Did I mention try me

thanks for looking
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