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FSOT: Aqua Calaveras MTC Hip Carrier

Please e=mail me for actual pics of the carrier if the link does not work. You can also checkout the fabric print by going to Click on"Shop" and then "Straps and Prints" . Mine is # 41

This hip carrier is from which is currently
closed to orders until the new year. It has the glittery gorgeous Aqua
Calaveras (Mexican Sugar Skulls) print on both sides and ican be worn
on the left or right
hip. Has milk chocolate straps and green rings and a toy ring.

Similar to the old Kolamo Mei Hip but larger body and no waist
padding. Cups the shoulder like a ring sling

Its quite lovely but I gotta thin my stash! Asking $45ppd
Will ship priority mail with DC within the US. PM for international
shipping costs.
Insurance is an extra $1.35.

TRY Me on Trades:
I love to try new carriers!

ISO: Kozy

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Originally Posted by Flor View Post
I am interested (the print is awesome) but what would you say the weight limit would be? I'm wondering about the weight of ds on my shoulder. I imagine you could carry less weight then a regular mei-tei? I couldn't find specific info about the hip carrier on that site.

I actually have a Kozy. . . .I have pics but photobucket isn't working right now.
I believe the weight limit is the same for the hip carrier and the mei tai. The Hip carrier panel and fabric is the same for the MT as the Hip Carrier but just one shoulder strap.

As for the weight on one shoulder, I would imagine it would be the same as any sling, pouch, hip carrier that is a one shoulder carrier. (I think those have 35 lbs weight limits). I wouldn't use a one shoulder carrier if I was going to wear my daughter for really long time but its great for quick trips and frequent up and downs (which my toddler is very fond of). I like this meitai/ring sling hybrid carrier alot since it cups the shoulder and doesn't ride up towards the neck like I have seen on some commercial hip carriers.

Only reason I'm looking to sell or trade is I just ordered another two new carriers for hip carries that I've been wanting to try
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