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FSOT: AWESOME Homeschooling Books and Wood Toys (ABACUS and PULLY)

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Prices do not include shipping since shipping will be a little more for books (they are ~12x12x1.5 although media mail will help that!) and wood toys.

Pictures at

These books are sooooooo cool! They include lesson plans and teaching guides for the books. The best part is that the books that you are teaching about are included within the book, so it makes it ideal for one on one teaching. The books are full color and in great condition! They sell used on Amazon for $28-65!
Each Celebrate Reading! book has a table of contents which has:
program philosophy
program organization
the literature
program components
lesson plans
weekly planning
a guide for Spanish readers

These books are awesome...they are so comprehensive and a great guide for literature!

Celebrate Reading! Teacher's Guide for Grade 2 by Scott Foresman: 2A and 2B $20
**Once Upon a Hippo
Three Up a Tree
There's a Hole in the Bucket
Jimmy Lee DId It
About Jimmy Lee
Hot Hippo
Rosa and Blanca
The Big Blank Piece of Paper
Regina's Bog Mistake
Totem Pole Boy
Emma's Dragon Hunt
Giants/The Chicken and the Egg
The Story
Eddy B, Pigboy
For the Birds

Celebrate Reading! Teacher's Guide for Grade 2 by Scott Foresman: 2E and 2F $20
**How to Talk To Bears
Soccer Sam
Nessa's Fish
With the Wind
Minnie the Mambo Mosquito
Gino Badino
Slippery Ice
Higher on the Door
Bathtub Voyages
My Dog is Lost!
The Lost Lake
Dinosaurs on the Road
Dinosaurs, Dragonflies, and Diamonds
Planet of the Grown-Ups
The Tub People

So not only do you get the teaching guide but you get the FIFTEEN books build right into the book!!

Treasury of Literature: Teacher's Edition $20
This book has sections:
reteach lessons
library and additional reading
patterns and songs
additional resources
scope and sequence
It includes a theme for the books and a whole phonics lesson related to the books...
**Quick as a Cricket
Willoughby, Wallaby, Woo
My Friends
I Eat My Gumdrops
I Can
Silly Sally
Jump or Jiggle
All the People on Our Street
I Went Walking

So not only do you get the teaching guide but you get the TEN books build right into the book!!

I love this book but we will not be needing it after all!

Wood Toys

Classic Pooh Wood Pully Toy - this is in VGC except where the puppy chewed one of the wheels $8

Primary colors Wood Abacus VGC $8

If you are interested, e-mail [email protected] or pm me!

ISO for trades only:
Paypal (of course!)
infant or regular size DSQ 4x8x4 prefolds (like to try hemp)
S nighttime diaper, prefold or fitted - esp hemp like Nighty Newt Polar Baby prefold, etc.
wood baby toys
Bach Remedies
Bach Remedy books
Size 14 mama capris, esp Old Navy
Size 14 nursing friendly casual dresses
38D nursing bras w/o underwire(new)
mama movies (Blockbusters, just ask!)
country music CDs (current only)
3T boy costumes
Burt's Bees stuff
*Almond Milk Hand Creme (esp)
*Shampoo Bar
*Lip Shimmer - Merlot
*Diaper Ointment
Kid's Feature Length DVD or Tapes
wood puzzle of the USA (each state as it's own peice)
Yamaha Road Star stuff
S Nikky or Lambkin wool velcro wraps
herbs for children books
Try me!
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