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I need these sold. The boys have finally decided to grow and we need md diapers, like yesterday

Pictures and prices are here

I'm open to offers and trades and partial trades

a, by no means complete,iso:
Girls 4T+
boyish or gn soft shoes 6mths+
bamboo, or other wooden dpn's (most sizes)
needle cases, I tend to like the cloth ones but I'm open, circs especially
"hippie"/"crunchy"/"natural" mama clothes, I'm a 12/14/16
I'll always look at clothes for the boys, 6-9mths up to 3T
beeswax crayons
hats (all weather for everyone me included)
hs-ish stuff for 9yo, math, science, history, handwriting
kids books about cancer, death, illness
boys clothes size 10+
Med diapers
books on autism
kids books on autism
wooden or wool play food

try me, the kids are 9yo boy w/ pdd/autism with a grandmother dying of cancer and another going through treatments, 2yo girl, and 11mth old twins boys with severe reflux, food allergies, malasorbstion issues, fft and ? we're still work on a dx on the sicker one
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