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FSOT: Babylegs and Teletubbies

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I have two pair of babylegs for sale, both a warm dusty rose color. They are the plain ribbed style, and were supposed to be dark red, but apparently Babylegs had some issues with this dye lot. I suppose if I were a more enlightened mom I'd put them on ds anyway, but I don't

Anyway, both are brand new, never worn, never washed. One is still in the plastic packaging, the other is now plastic-less, thanks to ds who "helped" organize his drawer the other day
. I'm asking $12 for both ppd.

We also have two Teletubbies videos to offer: Here Come the Teletubbies and Big Hug. Both are VHS tapes in excellent condition with clamshell boxes and artwork. $3 each or $5 for both, ppd.

In either case, I'd be willing to trade for Teletubbies videos we don't have (try me on titles; I'm at work and can't remember offhand what we have at home). Don't really need anything else.

Thanks mamas!
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