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**Beautiful Native American made thunderbird earrings(never worn). $11pp now $8

**Native Made brooch $11pp now $8

*Both of these items were made by Bessie Tasso, a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma.*

Pictures of these:

**Funky necklace with polished stone pendant. The stone has a little weight to it, and is so mesmerizing. It has the neatest natural swirl pattern. Too cool! The beads are antique paper beads, wood, stone, and turquoise. A BEAUTIFUL one of a kind piece. $45pp Now $30
Up close of necklace:

**Tourist shop style eagle pendant and chain. The eagle is inlaid with turquoise. Still has price sticker of 6.99. Asking $4pp

**Native made beaded bolo tie. The slide is a beaded rosette. There is peyote stitch on the dangles. Super neat piece. Great for that special guy on your Christmas list! $45pp now $30
Up close of bolo tie:

**Beaded butterfly necklace. The beads sparkle! It's a one of a kind. $30pp now $20

**Circle of life earrrings. Native made. In the colors of the four directions: yellow, red, black and white (never worn). $11ppnow $8

Pictures of all of these:

**Added: Stone bear necklace. The pendant is a bear carved out of stone, black tube beads and hematite make up the necklace. $25pp now $18
Up close of necklace:

PM me with offers!

Little Forest therapeutic botanicals lotion
cloth napkins
unpaper towels
home fragrances (scented candles, plug-in refills, ect)
things to help "winterize" the home(draft dodgers, window blankets, ect)
giftables for my 7 yo (try me!)
dryer sheets (gain, downy, snuggle)
household cleaners (try me!)
bed clothes (queen/king)
rice packs (so we can warm them and put them at the foot of the bed on cold nights :LOL)
natural body care (Burt's, Little Forest, Badger, WAHM-made...try me!)
lodge/cabin decor
bathroom space heater
Harcourt science grade 1 (2000 or newer)
Harcourt art
Hartcourt math grade 1(2005) teacher's editions
BOB books
"early" readers
Spongebob phonics readers
Medications and Mothers' Milk 2004
Victoria's Secret love spell body spray
Socks to fit boys size 3 foot
size 130/140 Hanna's pajamas (EC)
boys jeans in E/VGC size 8
long sleeve shirts boys 8/10 E/VG
GAP hoodie in EC
Knitted hat for ds (made by you!)
slipper socks to fit size 3 New or EC
gift cards/certificate: WM, Kmart, Old Navy, Gap, Amazon, Texaco, Cowboys

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LOWERED the prices. Rock bottom. You won't find a better deal. Everything but the bolo tie is BRAND NEW. NEVER WORN. The bolo was worn just a few times and is in perfect condition. If you're interested in any of this, please PM me. I need "fundage" in the worst way. <sigh>
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