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FSOT: beautiful, large, velvety-covered pregnancy journal

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This is a lovely journal made by an artist/craftswoman my mom knows. My mom gave it to me as a gift, and I've been kind of struggling over what to do with it because while I truly appreciate the thought, I am just not the paper-journaling type. She said she thought of it because she used to write letters to me when she was pregnant with me, and always wished she had a nice book to use rather than just sheets of paper.

Photos are here: front, back, inside.

The pages are blank, medium-thick paper, and large (8.5" by 11"). It's covered with a dark green velvety fabric and has a raised silhouette of a pregnant woman with some purple flowers and a tiny gold heart in her belly. There is a small scuff mark on the fabric on the back cover. (I think it got scuffed when I was bringing it home in my luggage.) I think that with regular use it will get more scuff marks. The fabric is not exactly rough and tumble.

I am a grad student expecting my first babe, so I could really use functional things, especially diapering supplies (prefolds, flats, covers, or AIOs) or maybe a pouch? I am planning to make a wrap, but if you have a plain one you'd like to trade and can save me the time, that would be good, too.

PPD would be fine, too. I'm asking $20 plus shipping. I think the journal probably cost a lot more than that but I imagine it will be moderately pricy to ship and I don't want the total cost to be too high.
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Wow, this forum moves fast!
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I don't need the journal as I'm not pregnant, but I wanted to tell you it is really beautiful! I hope it finds a good home.
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Thanks, judesmama.
I hope so, too.

If anyone is looking and is interested in trading something else other than what I've listed, let me know. We're going pretty minimalist on the babe's stuff, so we don't have much. Clothing, kids' books and parenting books would also be of interest.

I really would like to see this journal getting used; otherwise it's just sitting there, inspiring guilty feelings!
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wow, that is sooo beautiful...If I was only pg!!
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