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Well when it rains it pours!! Seems like everything that could go wrong money wise this month and last has. So unfortunately I need to sell some of my baby carriers. I am going to list these on Ebay soon, but thought I'd see if any of ya'll wanted any first.

Prices do not include shipping, but I will ship cheap or fast and only charge you exact shipping, depending on your zip code(so please include that if you send me a message about any of these).

Pics can be seen at:

**SOLD**Boopa Pakka Mei Tai. It has black straps and a colorful group of dolphins swimming on it. I got this brand new in a trade also, and have worn it once, and washed it twice. I thought it was nice, but I really like my Angel Pack, so I'm sticking with that. The one flaw is shown in the pic. There is a small little part of the material that got snagged or something. It looks like it would be easily mended with a needle & thread. $25.00 **SOLD**


If buying, I can accept money orders or Paypal, but no debit or
credit card paypal(please ask if you don't understand that part).

Also, if you want to trade, please include prices with your list so I know
how much the value is for your items.

Things I'm willing to trade for(please remember money is tight, so I
am extra fussy this time around on what I will trade for):

Paypal(no credit/debit cards though) or timely money orders.

Thanks for your time!! SARA
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