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FSOT computer games, books, movies, toys, baby blankets

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prices negotiable. pm me for pictures, questions, etc. my ISO follows

Computer Games
Worms 2 (war/strategy)$10
Worms Armageddon (war/strategy)$10
Tonka Construction (kids) $10
Need for Speed High Stakes (racing) $5
Area 51 (arcade shooter) $5
Hi-Octane (hovercraft racing)$5
You Don't Know Jack 3 (trivia) $5

Computer Books
Using Netware 5 $5
PHP Essentials $5
Borland C++ Builder How-To $5
Cold Fusion Web Application Construction Kit, Version 4, $5
Guide to Managing and Maintaing your PC, $5
Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Linux, $10

Star Wars, Attack of the Clones DVD, $15
Men In Black, VHS, $5

Kids Movies, VHS, $1/each:
Simply Mad about Mickey Mouse
Groundling Marsh: Courageous Adventures
Puss 'n Boots + 7 Other Tales

Toys and Kid's Books

1 bag of wooding lacing beads, not opened, ages 3+, $2
1 Box Set of Classic Golden Books, 10 books, $5
1 book of Fairy Tales, nice thick pages, $3
1 Big Book of Disney's Adventure Stories, never read, $5
Lots more kid's books, $1/each, pm for titles


1. One brand new Hand Made Crocheted baby blanket in blue/pink/light
green yarn, has scalloped edges. Gender Neutral. 46" x 48" Would
make a great gift! $30

2. One Brand new, Hand Knit baby blanket in a soft yellow 32" x 32"
Gender neutral, great gift! $15

3. One used baby quilt, 45" x 35", has cherished teddies and a goose
on the front, patchwork print material on the back, and a lace border.
Gender Neutral. $10


Summer clothes for my son, gender neutral, size 3T, 100% cotton only

Fall/winter clothes for my daughter, gender neutral, size 18-24 months, 100% cotton only

Diaper making supplies (cotton knits, velour, WP, PRR)

Wool soakers, size large
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