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I have some cookbooks for sale or trade. These are all in good used condition. Prices include shipping and will be shipped by media mail. I will accept funded paypal or a money order and I'm also including my ISO list for trades. Any questions, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

"Butter Busters: The Cookbook" by Pam Mycoskie; All the foods you love modified to low-fat! This is a thick spiral-bound softcover book with 395 pages of recipes. The back cover has come loose from part of the spiral, but otherwise in great shape. Heavy book…Retails for $19.99….sell/trade value $6.00 ppd.

"Vegetarian Baby & Child: Nutritional Guidance and Recipes to Help Raise a Healthy Child" by Petra Jackson. This hardcover cookbook contains wonderful meal and recipe suggestions for vegetarian children ages 4-18 months and older. The dust jacket has a small tear on the back that has been taped, otherwise this is in great condition. Heavy book…Retails for $14.95……sell/trade value $5.00 ppd.

"The Tofu Cookbook: Recipes for Traditional and Modern Cooking" by Junko Lampert. This softcover cookbook contains over 60 recipes from traditional China and Japan as well as modern Western recipes with European and American flavors. In very good condition. Retails for $12.95…..sell/trade value $3.00 ppd.

"Low-Fat Vegetarian Cookbook: Recipes for Healthy Eating" by Sunset Books. This softcover book provides recipes for low-fat meatless meals and it is in very good condition. Retails for $9.99….sell/trade value $3.00 ppd.

"Good Enough To Share" by Dot Sanchas; a family cookbook with a variety of their favorite recipes. Softcover and spiral-bound, but the spiral-binding is a little bent at the bottom. $3.00 ppd.

My ISO list:
Training pants like Happy Heiny or Trickle Free Trainers to fit 20-25 lbs.
Vegan Cookbooks
Children's movies/dvd's
Family movies/dvd's
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