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I combined my lists.
All prices include shipping and I am slightly flexible on pricing. I accept paypal and a timely MO. I also have a trade list below.

have a sz. 4 all natural hemp coffee filter that I was going to give to my mom since we don't drink coffee but she looked at it like I was handing her the plaugue Still in the package asking $5.00PPD

I'm asking $5.00 plus $1.50 for shipping so if you but if you buy all three I''' mail in a proirity mail envelope for $3.85 or FC for three dollers.

dresses here

DVD, Catch me if you can, NIP
I bought this because Dh wante to see it but saw it overseas, I never opened it, it's still NIP. There has to be some Leornardo Dicaprio fans here. Shipping included asking $12PPD

I have a very petty in pink linen(55/45 cotton) overalls from baby place size 0-3 monhs. super cute with a butterfly on the chest. Asking $5.00 plus $1.50 shipping, I prefer paypal.
linen overalls

DS has outgrown this size so it's time to go. little boys size 10 1/2 Rawlings kleats. asking $10PPD

got this thinking that it may work but yana's not growing fast enough and Mare's growing to fast.I don't think this combo will make it. A size 2T and 5. My pictures are kind of icky email me if you want better. These are really too cute and will make a great addition to any matching wadrobe. I accept all paypal and asking $30 PPD for both. Or if you have some matching clothes in a 18months and 3T or 2t and 4T.
size 5

both dresses

The Tao of Pooh
the how of pooh? the tao of who? the tao which it is revealed that one of the world's great taoist masters isn't chinese...or a venerable philosopher..but it is in fact none other that that effortlessly calm, still, reflective bear, A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-pooh!

I got this puppet for my son thinking he would get much fun and play out of it. Well turns out he's a bit of a nerd and prefers sciency stuff to imaginitive puppets. Very beautiful cloth body with a hard(maybe wood I can't tell but it's not plastic) face. He has a wand that goes in his hand, I will track it down, the kids played with that more. He hangs on strings like pinnocio(don't know what you call it). sorry for the bad pics he really is a work of art and will make a nice addition to any waldorf school or toys.

sitting down

hanging puppet

hanging close up

asking $30 POSTAGE PAID!

Blues Clues tapes
magenta comes over
stop look and listen
story time

blues clues

Too cute liz claiborne dress in a size 2T perfect addition to your little princess's wardrobe. I accept paypal and have a small ISo below. If you think it's too much lmk.

liz claiborne dress 2T $8.00

have a Children's place jumper dress that needs a new home. It never gets worn here, she doesn't like that style of dress. Very pretty in excellant condition. Size 36 months or 3T.Asking$9 postage paid but I'm slightly flexible.

picture here

dora the explorer purple backpack "backpack"
waterproofing spray
nature's select brand sunflower seeds
child's art adn school supplies of all kinds
nice diaper bag or tote nothing babyish or cutesy
BB buttermilk lotion
woodkins dress up dolls
SS shirts sz. 5-6 boys
all things preety for hair
nice black nursing bra 34 C
kite(not plastic)
EO's of all kinds
soap making supples
doll or preemie dipes for a 16 inch doll(velcroclosures)
certain baby einstein videos
matching girl's outfits sz. 18m/3T and 24m2T/4T
100% cotton gowns or slips sz. 18m -4T
sturdy crowns and tierra's and a wand or streamer
feather boa that doesn't shed much
toddler tote for my DD
toddler eating dishes and utensils
try me on most large dipes
ballet clothes sz. 3T
ballet and fairy tutu's
spools of ribbons and bare barretes(barrete making supplies)
sink reflections by flylady
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