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FSOT: Henna, Patterns, Purse, Vegan Shoes/Belt *REDUCED*

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fsot: non cc paypal, checks, mo

henna set (box is a bit smooshed)
retail $24.95

vegan shoes w/ red stripe

vegan "sebago" canvas shoes from nordstrom
$10ppd (kinda heavy)

vegan mens black belt 34" (DKNY, business casual style)

simplicity curtain pattern, brand new

burda maternity pants pattern, brand new

jewelry roll, displays 20+ necklaces (paid $40+) like new

beautiful bag - inside tag written in greek
strap needs repair (just sewn on)

girl clothing 6 month
girl/gn dipes (small/med)
try me, i like stuff

make me an offer....please :)
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Is shipping included on the henna?
Is it safe for preggo mama?
Can it be shipped to NY by the 30th?
If yes to all 3, I'll take it.
If for some reason the Henna doesn't get shipped to Amy I'd definitely be interested
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wow, just checked the TP and this very old thread shows up.
sorry mamas, everything is long gone
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That's so funny, :LOL I didn't even think to check the date on the OP!
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