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My sister gave this to dh for Christmas but dh isn't a cologne guy.

He tried it on once to be nice but other than that its not been used. Its .47 oz size and in the original packaging which is in good condition.

"Having a Baby Naturally" Peggy O'Mara in giftable condition

Books: Sears books in excellent condition please!
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears new cover style
The Breastfeeding Book by William, Md. Sears, Martha, R.N. Sears, new cover style
I Eat at Mommy's by Anne E Bradlye-McBeth
"Biblical Parenting" Crystal Lutton
VBAC books
Homebirth books
Giftable breastfeeding books
Books on Circ esp Fleiss

Nursing maternity shirts in xl (maternity shirt with nursing openings)
Amelia's organic cotton socks, or any other thick cotton or wool socks
in white, neutral colors (taupe, cream, etc)

Closed toe brown leather (or leather look) slides or sandals good cond sz 8

Knitting needles any size but 9 and 10.5, prefer wood
wool yarn - soft for crocheting/knitting soakers - natural colors prefered so I can dye it
cotton yarn for socks
Kooler's encyclopedia of Crochet and Encyclopedia of Knitting

dd almost 2
solarveil sling or other sun blocking sling or solarveil fabric long enough to make a sling (2 yds)[/b]
long sleeve cotton play dresses in 3t, EC please, solid colors or stripes or other simple/small designs
Robeez shoes in 18-24, I like the orca ones and plain colors
Gift certificates to Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place
Wooden toys (like the tool box with screws and nails)
Bath books
Diaper Potion Lotion
Medium wool wraps, esp Celtic Wool any gender
XL Pail liner

For next baby- like new condition on these items please
FB in medium and XS gn, in EC only please (especially pastels!)
medium WAHM covers in gn, EC only please
medium WAHM AIOs in EC, gn please
newborn and small AIOs, again EC and gn
I'd really like to try a Toot Sweet fitted in newborn size
other newborn brands I'd like to try: FC, LC, NB Cuddlebuns, RB FLAM, Kindhearted woman

Wet bag set like the ones at happy tushies or similar for a girl

***PUL*** colors
Windpro fabrics or wool jersey/flannel
velour and sherpa!!!!!!!! (cotton only please)
Serger thread esp wooly nylon in purple or blue verigated
Celtic themed fabric
Asian fabrics (geishas, kanji, brocade etc)
microfleece in white or any other solid color

big pinecones or other natural elements to be used in decor
those thin plastic cutting boards that can be rolled up
silicone bakeware, anything but the cupcake pans
Lavendar EO
Lemon EO

For DH-

Rechargable Power X batteries size AA
Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for Gameboy Advance
Brown dress belt to fit 38-40 waist
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