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$3.75 ppd for 5...gender neutral....
2 white, green gingham, pale green, yellow with sm bunnies

Stain free, velcro still works with foldback laundry tabs...

fits 10-22...

4 layers of cotton...

no leaks or blowouts...
my daughter is just too much of a heavy wetter--soaked through these two fast

Also, baby einstein car seat toy for sale... plays music and has water feature... Will trade for this or make an offer... I really would like to be able to buy diapers for friend who wants to try cding.

will e-mail pics upon request...

Will trade for friend: dyed cpfs, white (or girly) infant covers --need something cheap that works (so she doesnt get frustrated) and id like to get some fun stuff (hence, a dyed cpf in the mix of whatever else I can get her)

or will trade for me: wonderoos, large fuzzi bunzs, advocacy onesies/bibs/t-shirts/key chains
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