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sure - here is my iso list

New is not necessary unless stated
15 mos son
harleyz M/L fittedz, low-rise
burt's bees toothpaste
righteous baby doublers or really anything RB
lightweight wool for daytime
hanna wiggle pants
bubble suit type romper, don't care for sports themes
non-plastic toddler toys
small toddler broom
white sun hat with ties
puppy or dog pull toy
playmobil dogs or puppies
other playmobil
very simple wooden puzzles with large knobs
other small dog figures
any book by Elsa Beskow except Pelle's New Suit

almost-8yo son (birthday june 25!)
small karate or taekwondo toys/figures
book about ponds and aquariums
pop-up pond/aquarium (would add some cash or paypal for this)
130 hanna teeshirts
Curiosity Kits Giant Gummy Frogs Kit
soccer ball
paintbrushes, all sizes
Wikki Stix
cow & lizard animal shirts
Crayola Sidewalk Paint
Color Change Markers (like new pls)
Jim Weiss books on tape/cd
wooden playdough tools
Professor Noggin card games
Find It Kids Game

10yo son
soccer ball
stripe short johns or long johns, hanna
sketch book
window markers
mega magz
Sun Paint Kit
"Smart Mouth" game
Sims software
frienship bracelet kit
Professor Noggin card games
Tom's of Maine toothpaste, any fruit flavor

any reasonably soft natural color wool soakers/wraps/covers for me to dye - can have some staining
L or XL v-neck tees or tanks in white, neutrals, purples, greens (not forest)
longish skirts, same colors, i'm kinda picky here but pm me!
chai tea or nice coffee, caff is good
rooibos teas
white tea
drop spindle with a notched whorl
stitch markers for knitting
the first norah jones CD
any paper-based bookmarks (laminated is fine, but not plastic/metal)
meditation cushion/zafu
yoga video or possibly other exercise video, pm me
Alex Rock Pets "Garden Turtle" Activity Kit

teapot with infuser
well-scented candles, no lead wicks and no cinnamon pls
liquid lanolin or spray lanolin
nice garlic press
durable egg slicer
small hanging bird bath
handmade dish cloths
small reading lamps or booklights
nice stained glass hangings (PM me please)

old navy GC
lightweight sweaters, size L, likes them loose at waist and wrists
chocolate covered raisins, lol

Trader Joe's
(if you have a GC you won't use, just ask me)
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