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fsot: like new black brocade zolo ring sling--REDUCED!

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hi mamas,

we got this before our daughter was born, for toting her to parties and such. i never really got the hang of the whole ring sling thing, though, and ended up using my kkafp and homemade wrap way more. we used it twice, maybe three times, and she never oozed anything on it
. the only thing to distinguish it from a brand new one is that it's not perfectly pressed, but if you're intending to gift it you could easily get it that way. it's really lovely--just like this one. i'd like $125 ($34 less than a new one, with no tangible difference!), postage paid to the lower 48. i'll take paypal (credit cards okay), or i'd consider partial trade for the following:

wool aplix covers, size medium
a kozy, ec, solid color(s) with pocket
solid color dyed regular prefolds

thanks mamas!

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