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Or teen daughter. I am cleaning out our closets while packing so this is VERY random!!! I'm sure I'll have more to come once we get moved! I'll post my ISO at the bottom. Also if you have anything I am ISO but don't want anything of mine please email me or PM me & we can probably work something out <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br><br>
Here is a very small Misc. list of things in my linen closet<br><br><br>
1 8 oz tube cucumber melon body cream from bath& Body works (I'm<br>
fussy about lotion & got this as a gift , never used only smelled)$5ppd<br><br>
1 bottle (60 tablets) Futurebiotics garlic, echinacea,goldenseal+<br>
tablets still has safety seal $5ppd<br><br>
1 Clairol nice & easy hair coloring kit #110A Natural Red level 3<br>
permanent $5ppd<br><br>
1 box Tampax tampons superplus 10 in the boz (box is still sealed)(once again another thing I'm fussy about that someone else picked up for me - I have my favorite ) $3ppd<br><br>
Jil Jordan All That's natural Nail kit<br><br>
You can find it at <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
It is the sweet almond nail set. TV $25 or I will sell for $15<br>
Never used<br><br>
These are all in excellent condition<br><br>
Abercrombie & Fitch cordoroy pants size2 - straight leg style - loved these! these run a bit big khaki color $10ppd<br><br>
express suede feeling khaki colored pants -machine washable size 3/4 very cute $10ppd<br><br>
Blue Asphalt size 2 dark denim jeans boot cut style $10ppd<br><br>
Express size 5/6 short dark grey dressier pants, straight leg, cute<br>
with turtleneck/ sweater $10ppd<br><br>
Shorts - I know wrong season!<br><br>
Levi's size 7 junior denim shorts faded but great condition $3ppd<br><br>
Express size 7/8 stretch shorts (cotton/spandex) these are a<br>
turquiosey blue with white flowers (hawaiin style) $5ppd<br><br>
Moda international (victoria's secret brand) size 8 - 2 pairs one<br>
khaki, 1 olive $5 eachppd<br><br>
Anchor bluesize 7 khaki colored shorts, side zip $3.5ppd<br><br><br>
I have 2 pair of womans cowboy boots. Both are "roper<br>
style" (pull on with a more rounded rather than super pointy<br>
toe.) Both are still in really good condition both have some wear on<br>
toes but are still very wearable with most of their color intact,<br>
soles are also in pretty good shape.<br><br><br>
1st pair are Justins size 7 B these are a dark blue<br><br>
2nd pair are Laredos 7.5 medium these are a maroonish color<br><br>
These boots fit about the same & actally on my feet the 7.5 are more<br>
snug. I think the blue ones have been worn more. It's been a long<br>
time since this butt has been in a saddle & it looks like it will be<br>
longer than expected, I'm still holding on to 2 pairs, this cowgirl<br>
will ride again some day!<br>
Will sell both for $25 ppd<br><br><br><br><b>ISO</b><br>
cool wahm stuff, bath stuff, cloth diapering items,<br>
slings or wraps, natural baby things, pregnancy tests, maternity or nursingclothes (I need M/L)<br>
Make an offer nothing is set in stone!!

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I have a teal nursing top FS if you're interested: it's a M but these shirts run small. You can see a pic here at <a href="" target="_blank">MilknWildHoney</a>, it's the Tofino tank top and the color is teal. Almost brand new- worn once or twice, I'll take $15.00 ppd. Just thought I'd throw it out there! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="thumbs up">

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Posted twice, for some reason... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused">:

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It is cute & I would love it but I am afraid the girls might not fit if it runs small if you catch what I mean!! :LOL<br><br>
Thank you though!!!
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