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FSOT(Maternity dresses, tons of womens clothing)/ISO NEWBORN DIAPERS Nursing stuff...

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I am on a TIIIGHT budget (read, I just went on mat leave and wont be getting a paycheque for a little while!) And we are moving to a bigger place.. but I neeeed diapers!!! I looked at my pregnancy "ticker" thing *GASP* 1 month till I'm due!!

If you have anything that you can give me a good deal on I can do trades or if I don't have anything you want please make me an offer anyways... I need diapers and stuff, and I can't afford to buy much more new stuff!

I have C.C. funded paypal (we'll worry about visa LATER lol)


newborn fitteds- I have a fair amount of covers, so I need fitteds! I want to try a variety so let me know what you have! Also small fitteds! I am willing to accept things that need minor repairs staining ect.

Wet bag- I don't know what to look for really? I need a smaller one for when we are out, and a big one to line my diaper pail (which I still have to buy lol) again doesn't have to be perfect or highest quality just needs to get the job done!

wipes- I like the valour idea, I like the terry idea, I like the idea of having *somthing* to wipe baby's bum with!! lol

mama cloth- I need something for post partum, as well if I get it soon enough for the final month of pregnancy!

Nursing shirts and bras sz L and XL

I can trade-

I have tons of clothes I was going to E-bay that I don't think will ever fit again.. *sigh*

Also I have two really nice maternity dresses that I wont have any use for anymore!

Here they are

I didn't include prices because NO reasonable offer will be refused, I would prefer trades, but paypal is nice too!

Shipping will be determend by the cheapest possible way just to be fair, I live in Canada it is cheaper for me to ship to the states than Canada, insurence is included, and I will ship via Canada Post.

Hopefully somone has something for me
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