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I have the following books for sale. The books are all probably used, so you can expect some wear. Some books have a number written inside the front cover...some have a name inside the front cover, a couple have the front page corner clipped. A few have a price sticker still remaining or a sticky spot where the sticker was. All the books are still readable, just some may have some little things. If you want the condition of a specific book, please ask, I'm more than willing to type it up, just don't want to type all these up if at all possible. Please see my terms at the bottom. Thanks Sara<br><br>
Dog natural care books:<br><br>
Dr. Bruce Fogle Natural Dog care. Fresh approaches to caring for your dog<br>
from the world's best-selling practicing vet. As with humans, the physical<br>
and mental well-being of a dog are inextricably linked. By creating a more<br>
natural lifestyle for your dog and ensuring it eats a well-balanced diet,<br>
you will help your dog avoid a range of common medical and behavioral<br>
problems. Dr. Fogle shows how alternative therapies such as acupuncture,<br>
homeopathy, and chiropractic can complement conventional veterinary care,<br>
and offers natural remedies for a range of ailments including skin<br>
irritations, muscle and joint conditions, and digestive problems, as well as<br>
behavioral difficulties. He explains how each therapy works and how to judge<br>
the suitability of different treatments for your own dog. $3.00<br><br>
Dr. Jane's Natural Care for a Healthy, Happy Dog. The complete guide to<br>
nutrition and health. How to give your dog a home health checkup,<br>
nutritional ABC's for dogs with facts on proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals,<br>
herbs, wheats and grasses for optimum health. Nutritional aids and herbal<br>
remedies for general illnesses. Deciphering dog food labels and dog food<br>
ingredients to help you choose the best food. $4.00<br><br><br>
Homeschooling/crafts/Christian books:<br><br>
Happy Birthday Parties! by Penny Warner Ex-library book, cover falling off<br>
the book, so not in the best shape, but still readable. $1.00<br><br>
Better Homes and Gardens Cherished Dolls to Make for Fun $1.00<br><br>
We Brake for Joy! 90 devotions to add laughter, fun and faith to your<br>
life -- by Patsy Clairmont, et al; Women of FaithSM Invites Women Everywhere<br>
to Stop and Savor the Joy Those wild and wonderful women are at it again.<br>
Campaigning for a joy-filled outlook instead of a gloomy perspective on<br>
life, the Women of FaithSM crew has made thousands of women laugh, lighten<br>
up, and face the challenges of life with a smile. We Break for Joy! is a<br>
brand new devotional straight from the hearts of these extraordinary women.<br>
We Break for Joy! offers 60 upbeat devotions to help women live out their<br>
faith with gusto. Just like its best-selling predecessor, Joy Breaks, this<br>
new devotional will take readers by storm, combining laughter, fun, and<br>
biblically-based wisdom from six women of seasoned faith. The women who<br>
bring the Women of Faith/Bring Back the Joy tour to thousands of women in<br>
seminars across the country will tickle the funny bone and touch the heart.<br>
These 60 brand new devotions offer a spirited view of tackling the<br>
challenges of life, helping women bring back the joy into their own hearts<br>
and lives. Each devotion includes a Scripture passage, a meditation, and a<br>
closing prayer. We Break for Joy! is great for inspirational gift-giving in<br>
any season! $2.00<br><br>
Honey, They're Playing Our Song: A Humorous Approach to Making Harmony<br>
in Your Marriage by Nancy Kennedy $1.00<br><br>
A Christian View of Birth-control. by Clyde M Narramore, Ed. D 1971.<br>
(this is a smallish booklet rather than an actual book).$1.00<br><br>
The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life -- by Bruce<br>
Wilkinson $1.00<br><br>
For the Children's Sake Foundations of education for home and school -- by<br>
Susan S. MacAulay A reader's review: Mrs. MacAulay interprets the principles<br>
of Charlotte Mason, an English school teacher with ideas similar to Maria<br>
Montessori (but grounded in Scripture). Miss Mason lived from 1842-1923 and<br>
her writing is a bit flowery for today's readers. This book gets to the<br>
essentials of her philosophy outlined in this mottto "I am, I can, I ought,<br>
I will". What that means is basically that teachers need to help children<br>
understand their deep value to God, expose them to many activities so they<br>
can discover their gifts, teach the unchanging morals of Scripture and guide<br>
children in making moral choices for themselves.$3.00<br><br>
At the Feet of Ordinary Women: Finding Yourself in Titus 2:4-5 by Angie<br>
Conrad Do you want to be a godly woman, but also find yourself wanting to be<br>
seen by the world as successful? Have you ever read Proverbs 31 and decided<br>
that becoming a godly woman is impossible? The five authors of At the Feet<br>
of Ordinary Women came together with a common desire to minister to other<br>
women according to Titus 2:4-5. In that brief passage, the apostle Paul<br>
presents a profound, God-breathed instruction on just how to be a godly<br>
woman. Understanding the incredibly valuable role of mentoring is the basis<br>
for this helpful work. Built on that basis, the authors share wisdom on<br>
loving your husband and your children; responding to authority; and being<br>
self-controlled, pure, and kind. Each chapter includes a Bible study that<br>
will help you examine the topic and related Scriptures. At the Feet of<br>
Ordinary Women is a great Bible study to help you learn the keys to being a<br>
godly woman. And once you've learned and applied these concepts, you'll see<br>
that the rewards of the Proverbs 31 woman are far more attainable than you<br>
once imagined.$4.00<br><br>
Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing -- by Reader's Digest<br>
Publishers Huge book of info on how to sew. $5.00<br><br>
Homeschooling Handbook (Revised 2nd Edition) -- by MARY GRIFFITH; Reader's<br>
review: Beginning with the introduction, this informative book is written in<br>
an easy-to-read format, with chapters leading the reader through "Does<br>
Homeschooling Really Work," legal information and ideas to think about for<br>
your own homeschool. How much structure do you want? Will you need outside<br>
assistance? How much does it cost? The book covers the huge differences<br>
between primary education, middle school, and high school education. It<br>
discusses recordkeeping, learning resources, and finding your niche in the<br>
homeschooling community. It provides information on "rough" spots and<br>
learning/physical disabilities. Although the book is definitely slanted for<br>
the person wanting to find out more information, the author takes no stand<br>
on such personal choice issues such as: different theories of learning<br>
(unschooling), the private school umbrella, and many other matters. Instead,<br>
the author provides a detailed list of pros and cons for these choices,<br>
leaving this decision to the reader. Throughout the book are interview<br>
excerpts from homeschooling families around the country, providing their<br>
viewpoint on many different areas. $4.00<br><br>
Where the Wild Strawberries Grow: Nurturing your marriage in the briar<br>
patches of life by David Arp, Claudia Arp $2.00<br><br>
The Stay-At-Home Mom(name inside cover) by Donna Otto $2.00<br><br>
The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook. A creative and stress-free<br>
approach to homeschooling by Dorothy Moore, Raymond Moore If you are<br>
thinking about homeschooling, or are struggling with a educational<br>
homeschooling curriculum that is difficult to use, let Dr. Ray and Dorothy<br>
Moore show you how to make homeschooling an easy-to-live-with family<br>
adventure in learning. This low-stress, low-cost program shows you how to<br>
build a curriculum around your child's needs and interests - and around a<br>
realistic family schedule. Instead of a cut-and-dried approach, you'll<br>
discover the freedom of a flexible program that encourages creativity and<br>
Beautiful in God's Eyes: The treasures of the proverbs 31 Woman. $4.00<br><br>
TERMS: If buying outright, buyer pays actual shipping. I'll ship<br>
however you would like.In the past, it's usually about $1.97-$2.39 for<br>
the first book(though some larger books are a little more) and then<br>
maybe $.75 for each additional(some larger books might be a little<br>
more). I do have a digital scale so I can box the book(s) up and let<br>
you know a shipping price if I have your zip code. Delivery<br>
Confirmation is included in the shipping price. To give you an example<br>
I just sent someone lately 3 books and it was in the $3.00 range I also sent<br>
several people 6-8 books and it was around $5.00<br><br>
If buying, I can accept money orders or Paypal, but no debit or<br>
credit card paypal(please ask if you don't understand that part).<br><br>
Also, if you want to trade, please include prices with your list so I know<br>
how much the value is for your items.<br><br>
Things I'm willing to trade for(please remember money is tight, so I<br>
am extra fussy this time around on what I will trade for):<br><br>
Paypal(no credit/debit cards though) or money orders.<br><br>
Straight ahead organic by sheperd ogden<br>
Let the Tooth Be Known by Dawn Ewing<br>
Good Teeth: Birth to Death by Dr. Gerard F. Judd<br>
We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead by Pat Schwiebert<br>
Dr. Mom II - A family guide to alternative health care By Sandra K.Livingston Ellis, MH<br>
My Mommy, My Teacher by Johannah Bluedorn<br><br>
Thanks for your time!! SARA
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